Who am I? Why did I start Peculiar Pluto? What are my brand's core values? Find out a little more about my work down below!




Environmentalism is a topic I am very passionate about, and if you know me you know that i could waffle about it for hours! Our planet is our home and it is our duty as people to protect it; we should all do more to help. It has always been crucial to me for my business to be low impact and as sustainable as possible - and there are so many ways I go about making sure this is achieved.

1. Fabric choices

As of 08.03.21 all new fabrics are being sourced from sustainable and ethical manufacturers. Plastic based polycottons will be no more for Peculiar Pluto once I have used up anything leftover in my existing fabric stash (I feel it would be wrong just to throw this fabric away rather than at least giving it a use). Other sources of fabrics (which may not be organic but hear me out) will be from 2nd hand destash groups. Destash groups are a way of finding unique fabrics that would otherwise go to landfill; they often are remnants of the fabric used by garment makers or large scraps big enough to make small projects with. Giving these fabrics a second chance at life saves them from landfill and allows me to make unique stock that you wont find anywhere else.

2. Packaging

I have a zero plastic policy when it comes to my orders. You can rest assured that anything you receive from me will arrive in a cardboard box (sometimes preloved) and secured with biodegradable paper based tape. All internal "pretty packing" consists of recycled and recyclable tissue paper, compostable plant based cellophane wrap, and biodegradable stickers - so you can order guilt free. I also include a little note to let you know how to recycle your packaging correctly - and it's printed on unbleached recycled paper!

3. Waste

Peculiar Pluto is proud to share that they create (as close as possible to) zero fabric waste! All usable fabric scraps are used in "Offcut Creation" makes. These makes are bespoke little pieces such as keyrings and bunting and you can find them on my store. If you'd like to see my bag of scraps and commission your own custom offcut creation please contact me, I'd love to make you something! All of the tiny offcuts that are considered 'unusable' are saved up and put to one side. Each time my bag of tiny scraps becomes full enough I donate it to a plush toy maker for them to use as an eco friendly alternative to polyester cloud stuffing - meaning all but the occasional scrap dropped on the floor gets repurposed and used in a sustainable way.


I truly believe that for a brand to be considered ethical it should be open and transparent about supporting charities. Currently my business donates profits to supporting mental health research and support, supporting women's rights to equality at all levels and also supporting the LGBTQIA+ community in the UK. I would love to add more charities to this list as my business grows in my mission to support others.