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Privacy & data protection

Your address, email address, and phone number will be entered in to the royal mail system in order to safely deliver your order. Other than this, your personal information is kept on a secure database and never shared with anyone. Your card details cannot be accessed and if saved are stored in Wix's/PayPal's secure database - Peculiar Pluto has no access to this information.

Returns and refunds

Items may be returned for a partial refund within 14 days of dispatch. Due to health and safety concerns, certain items are non-returnable - these items will be highlighted on your order sheet and in the product descriptions in the store. A partial refund may be provided for faulty or damaged products, please email me evidence of this to and I will aim to get in touch within 5 business days to see what can be done. As Peculiar Pluto is run by only me I cannot afford to give full refunds for damaged/faulty/lost items at this time, but I will usually be able to provide either a replacement or partial refund if you contact me within 14 days of dispatch!

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Sustainability & Charity

Visit the Our Mission section of my website to read more about my sustainability and charity policies.

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